Alginate Filtration

Alginates are processed from algae and sea weeds. The video shows dewatering of alginates using filter press. The solids are compressed and retained inside the filter press and taken for further processing. Excess water comes out through the filtrate outlets and can be reused for other purposes.

Bacterial Culture Filtration

The video shows a pilot trial of microbial culture being filtered through filter press. As the bacterial suspension was very colloidal, it was decided to use hiflo supercell in body feed form Rolex Replica Watches .

Vertical Filter press

Vertical belt filter presses are very easy to automate completely. They require lesser foot print and also can be closed with sufficient pressure to ensure minimal drip/ sweating through the filter cloth.

Phosphating Filtration

Filter press operating in online continuous mode to remove phosphating sludge in surface treatment plant. Phosphoric acid bath temperature is approximately 65 - 70 degrees celsius. Crystal clear filtrate is obtained and let back into the phosphating tank to maintain liquid level. Polypropylene air operated diaphragm type pump is used to pump slurry from tank bottom into the filter press.

Sugar Syrup Filtration

Sugar syrup being filtered for beverage preparation. Powdered activated carbon is added to heated sugar syrup to remove color. This has to be removed by the filter press to give decolorised clear sugar syrup. Hi-flow is added as a precoat on the filter media to aid in filtration.

SS Filter Press

SS Filter presses are used in High purity filtration, especially in food, beverage and pharma industries, Complete press is fabricated in SS 304/316 as per client requirement.'Adior-Ultra-Matte-Calfskin-Bag-Black-3228